Without a doubt, there are plenty of industries out there that rely on online reputation management (ORM) to help keep businesses afloat. Without the right plans moving forward — and without any focus on maintaining a positive online reputation — many companies end up floundering and falling short of expectations.

It is not something to be taken lightly, especially when it comes to reputation management for doctors. A single online review can cause plenty of trouble if it is not taken seriously, which is why it is crucial to look into online reputation repair and management as early as possible. Here are ten industries that are affected the most by their online reputation and require online reputation management!

  1. Mechanics and auto repair. Many have likely already heard of some auto repair shops’ propensity for hiking up prices and making things more challenging for inexperienced vehicle owners. It is the kind of reputation that tends to spread like wildfire around the Internet, which could cause even innocent auto repair shops to suffer from the backlash. A single negative review for such an industry can cause all sorts of problems.
  2. Restaurants and other dining establishments. If there is one industry that tends to suffer the most from bad reviews, it would be the food and dining industry. It is also the one industry that can’t seem to escape negative reviews, as there will always be someone unhappy enough to leave a negative review. There might even be some that leave negative feedback because they were paid to do it by competitors.
  3. Dentists. While healthcare professionals in general tend to suffer from negative reviews online, dentists tend to get the brunt of the impact that comes from bad press. It does not help that many people have a fear of going to the dentist, which often ends up with dentists having to be extra careful. Even if they do their jobs right, it could still result in negative scores.
  4. Doctors. The reason why there are so many tools that focus on reputation management for doctors is the fact that their careers tend to hinge on reviews online. If a doctor starts to accumulate a negative reputation, it could irreversibly impact their careers.
  5. Healthcare facilities such as nursing homes. Nursing homes tend to be a topic of contention, and plenty of family members are more than happy to voice their displeasure if they feel like the company does not live up to expectation. After all, the requirements that come with caring for a senior tend to vary quite a bit from person to person. It can be a lot like walking a tightrope!\
  6. Social media reputation management. There was a time when people would scoff at the idea of social media influencers being a real career, but the amount some of the most popular influencers earn can be staggering. That said, influencers are quite vulnerable to bad press, which is where cancel culture comes from.
  7. Livestreamers. Similar to social media influencers, livestreamers depend on their viewers for sponsorships and revenue. It is the kind of situation where it can be easy to make a mistake — similar to how a business might accidentally cause a PR nightmare by fighting with a customer. A negative review for livestreamers can cause plenty of trouble.
  8. Lawyers. The reason why most lawyers are opportunistic and tend to put their best foot forward no matter the scenario is the fact that a single mistake could define their careers. It is quite similar to doctors and nurses, as they handle a tricky industry.
  9. Freelance professionals. When it comes to getting work as a freelance professional, it is all about the power of hear-say. If a freelance writer starts to get a reputation for subpar content, it can be challenging to bounce back as most companies will likely be well aware of the issues. After all, the Internet does not forget. All it takes is a single negative review to cause all sorts of trouble for freelance professionals.
  10. Gaming journalists. The reason why gaming journalists tend to walk on thin ice is the fact that not many gamers listen to gaming journalism these days. Most gaming journalists are taken with a grain of salt, and if they happen to say something that the majority of gamers do not agree with, it can negatively impact their career — even if they went for the unbiased approach. It’s an unfortunate situation, and one that can be quite challenging for gaming journalists to overcome.

As a rule of thumb, it would be a good idea to consider that every industry needs online reputation management. Whether it has to do with reputation management for doctors or anything else, there is no denying that every industry will benefit greatly from the right ORM tools. With the Internet’s inability to forget PR disasters, it would be wise for any company to focus on keeping its online reputation pristine.

10 Industries That Need Online Reputation Management