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Millions of people book cruises around the world each and every year. There is something romantic and spectacular about spending weeks on a ship heading to different ports and visiting countries and cities you have never been to before.

There are some important considerations which you need to take note of as a cruise ship passenger, both before and after you have booked your ticket and are ready to spend a few glorious days on the open waters.

One of the most important considerations is to 미국배송대행 book your cabin with care. Each ship will have different cabins in different price ranges, ensure you are completely aware of what you are paying for. Many are not deck side, but are located inside, some may not even have a porthole with natural light. Take the time to speak to your travel agent to ensure you are getting comfortable accommodation with en-suite bathroom for the price you are paying.

When you book your vacation, once the ticket arrives, go through it with a fine tooth comb. You will be amazed when you receive your ticket, because in most cases it’s a couple of pages long and it’s in the smallest possible font. Ensure you read it thoroughly, as this can offer valuable information on should you be involved in an accident, each ship has a different time frame in which claims have to be made and you may not notice that you have gone past the cut off, until it’s too late.

Research the ship you will be boarding. As a cruise ship passenger you have a right to medical assistance, though each ship has different standards. Some may have qualified doctors and nurses onboard, but these are general doctors that can assist with seasickness, but are not qualified to set a broken bone. Ensure you are aware of what medical services are available before you board the ship and head off into the middle of nowhere.

If you do have an accident onboard, whether you slip on the deck or fall in the bathroom, it’s essential you advise a supervisor, manager or the captain as quickly as possible. As a cruise ship passenger you have a right to a copy of the written report outlining the details of your accident, which you can use when you get home to claim compensation, especially if you have sustained serious injuries.

Don’t assume that feeling sick or vomiting is a result of seasickness. The problem is that there are many viruses which are spread like wildfire on ships, excluding food poisoning. After approaching the medical team for assistance, ensure that your symptoms are relieved and take note of the medication provided. You can use this information later.