Arranged Marriages In The Modern World


There are many so called experts trying to sell their E books on line as well as articles on the net pointing out warnings about marrying Filipino women. There are certainly women not only in the Philippines but other countries as well that do not have sincere intentions when they make themselves available on dating or introduction sites. Insincere women as well as men are in every country. Perhaps because the Philippines is such a popular country for western men seeking foreign women as wives that country gets undue attention. One must remember that 3rd world countries have many fewer opportunities for deriving decent income and finding decent jobs for their people. So obviously there are going to be the unscrupulous and desperate people portraying themselves to be not what they truly are. Is this so hard to understand? 婚姻介紹所邊間好

There is nothing wrong with warning men to be diligent and careful with their pursuit of women from foreign countries as we will be the first to agree, however from what we have read, many of these articles and E books are nonsense. How many of you know, that the divorce rate of Filipino American marriages are less than 10% compared to about 50% of domestic American marriages! Many of these E book authors are just trying to make money. There are men who have had less than successful marriages with Asian and Filipino women as well as other women and they want to blame this on everyone or anything, but their own lack of prudence before they commit themselves to any particular women.

Many men look at these beautiful women and do not look beyond the physical appearance which is not the smart thing to do. The Philippines no doubt probably has some of the most beautiful women in the world and certainly in Asia and one may just get so caught up in the beauty of the Filipino women he does not look beyond that very much. A man must look beyond the physical appearance of a woman. In all the years in this business, we have never received a horror story from one of our male clients. Meeting women on many of the Internet dating sites and especially the chat sites and then thinking one is falling in love is not mature, wise or prudent. You never really know who that person is on the other end of the screen. There is no alternative to looking straight into the eyes of another person to know who they are!


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