For some of us, searching proper amounts to copious doses of hair gel, a short pimples wash and showering at the least two times per week. But alternatively, there are cultures wherein the hand is still a suitable alternative for bathroom paper. That being stated, it shouldn’t be unexpected that there are cultures on the other give up of the spectrum – peoples and places with a purpose to go to mind-boggling lengths to cast off one greater wrinkle, get pores and skin only a little bit smoother and hopefully alternate our innermost souls within the manner. Or as a minimum that is the hope – because Cornelius Filler why else would a person pay $200 to smear bird poop on their face?

Below is a list of a number of the most certifiably crazy medical spa treatments to be had.

1. The Geisha Facial

The call might sound innocent sufficient and it’d even evoke the sensual photo of a traditional Chinese geisha – till you discover that the geisha facial refers alternatively to a completely unique scientific spa remedy that involves dabbing powder made from dehydrated bird droppings onto your face.

Used for centuries through Asian actors and real geishas, the remedy has these days made its trip distant places and into some of the most high-profile spas in America – starting from the famous Shizuka Spa in New York City to the greater seasonable Diamond Hawaii Resort & Spa in Maui. Paying everywhere from $a hundred and fifty to $250 dollars for a single remedy, spa-goers from throughout have been flocking to experience the pores and skin-softening, enriching and smoothing electricity of the Geisha facial, with the treatment even making an awkward appearance on ABC’s morning communicate show The View.

So next time you are sitting beneath an awning and show up to discover your self the goal of some renegade chicken, really remind your self that those droppings that simply landed in your new fedora may actually be really worth more than the hat itself – this is the miracle of capitalism.

2. Snake Massage

NBC’s hit truth show Fear Factor won’t had been the first concept to capitalize off of sticking humans into a vat full of snakes – reputedly a few spas had been earning profits off of this idea for decades. The simplest difference is that with snake treatment options, it is the human beings paying the spa rather than the alternative way round. Hailing all the way from Israel, one of the world’s most well-known snake spas is not so discreetly named Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm, wherein visitors eagerly line as much as be massaged via these normally dangerous and disgusting reptiles – which the proprietor describes as being “therapeutic.”

The massage normally expenses around $80 and is said to “therapy aching muscle tissue and joints” and offer a “enjoyable rubdown.” But as a ways as I can tell, the only thing maintaining the snakes from being terrifying limb-less monstrosities is the fee of the treatment, wherein case my patented fart-sauna remedy fees $100 dollars, baby.

Three. Butt Facials

Normally one wouldn’t associate a butt with a facial – that is till the super international of beauty spas got here along and combined the 2. Yes, thanks to ever-more innovative methods to marketplace splendor, there are now an an increasing number of popular set of beauty spa treatments that observe the equal strategies used on one’s face to enhance the form, skin and popular posterity of 1’s royal cheeks. And even as some of these remedies focus extra on cleaning and detoxifying, other sorts of the remedy aim to lessen cellulite and reshape the buttocks for a greater ideal pair of buns, which includes is obtainable with the aid of the Smooth Synergy spa in New York City which designates unique therapists for paintings on the derriere portion of the body. And even though the treatment may be costly – walking from $60 to $300 for a ninety minute consultation – advocates of the treatment swear to its legitimacy.

“People used to constantly harass me due to my large rear-stop,” Stacy Santiaggo from San Francisco said. “But after receiving my first butt-facial, I was signed to a modeling gig for Vogue mag.”

While Stacy’s tale may sound magnificent, it is also made up. In fact, I couldn’t locate any evidence everywhere that 90 minutes with a good set of fingers can undo the years of snacking and sitting round that in the end shape our butts.

Four. Leech Therapy

While leeches had been used for centuries to fight a spread of illnesses from fever to flatulence, it is best currently that the slimy, wriggling blood-suckers had been making appearances in scientific spas, and at up to several masses of dollars consistent with consultation. Just to offer you an concept of what this treatment entails, the beauty internet site Plasmetic.Com lists the subsequent as Procedure Highlights:

Highly educated clinical leeches (how the hell do you educate leeches?)
Shaving of the entire frame earlier than making use of the leeches (I thought this turned into extra generally executed for cancer sufferers)
Patient being immersed in turpentine (Turpentine? Really?)
Patient experiences a stinging sensation (you already know, this is beginning to now not sound so fun)
It causes bleeding inside the affected person (okay, that is genuinely not amusing)
Oh! But it additionally makes the individual look more youthful!
So if you’re like me, you’ll appearance over that list and take solace inside the truth that handiest crazy humans would difficulty themselves to this sort of worrying “remedy.” Well, assume once more due to the fact reputedly this nightmarish version of bloodletting has made its manner to Hollywood and is being touted by the likes of Demi Moore.

Beauty and the Crease – Top 5 Most Bizarre Medical Spa Treatments