Best Curtains For Kids Rooms


What’s the best curtains for kids room? When most parents think of purchasing curtains for their kid’s room, what are usually the first two that cross their mind? Blackout curtains, and the best curtains for kids room. Well, let me tell you something, there is a lot more to choose from, other than those two choices, in fact I’ll show you three very different but very popular styles of curtains that can be used as the best curtains for your kid’s room.


Sheer curtains are very popular for window treatments, mainly because of their effect on the light. Sheer curtains can block out all the light except the light that comes through your child’s windows. This is perfect when you want to keep out the sun or the nasty morning sunlight. The sheer fabric will allow the light to filter through and will also help filter out sound.

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains dubaiare also great for screening, especially in a bedroom, it can be used as a form of wallpaper too. If you use sheer curtains instead of the traditional curtains, it can actually save you money in the long run because you won’t need to buy replacement sheets or even get the curtains replaced because they’ll last for years. So, if you are looking for a cost effective way to keep the sun out of your kids room, a sheer curtain is a great choice.


Another style of curtains that are growing in popularity are blackout curtains. These blackout curtains come in two different fabrics, heavy-duty and lightweight. Blackout curtains work best to keep the sun out of your kids bedrooms during the hot summer months, and at the same time help keep the kids cool by lowering the temperature in the room. These curtains help prevent the room from overheating by closing the gaps between the fabric.


Light filtering curtains

Light filtering curtains are also popular because they make the room darker but don’t block out all the light. Instead they reflect the light back where it’s needed, which helps keep you from having to turn the lights on and off to save on energy. The only downside to these light filtering curtains is that some older children might not like their dark color. But, if your kid’s personality is really into colors, these are a good option to try out.


Finally, you have to consider sheer curtains as an alternative to heavy drapes or heavy down curtains. These curtains are great for kids’ rooms because you can pull them down or up depending on the situation. Sheer curtains let lots of light in, especially when your kid is awake, while still letting in some of the darkness from sleep. This creates a soft atmosphere for your kids to enjoy in their room. It can be difficult sometimes to find sheer curtains that are lightweight because they tend to be thicker than other types of curtains, so if your kid is only eleven or twelve years old, this is one style that you might want to skip over.

Material or Fabric

In terms of material, there are many options available. Some kids’ curtains are made of sheer fabric, which can be sheer white, beige, light blue, brown, tan, or even more colors. You can even get some that are printed with kiddy cartoon characters or pictures of cars, planes, or sports. For kids who are into rock music, there are even some curtains that are made of vinyl with guitars, drums, and a variety of pop songs printed on the material. Kids are very much interested in logos, images, and trends, and these can be incorporated into their bedroom design easily with curtains that are printed.


You want your kid’s room to be decorated with curtains that reflect their personality, but also allow plenty of light to enter. Kids like bright colors and patterns, and curtains for kids’ rooms should have this same type of style. Once you narrow down the designs that appeal to your kids, you are ready to choose the best curtains for their rooms.

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