No doubt, Hajj and Umrah are duties that have a sizable importance for Muslims from everywhere in the world. Hajj is considered to be one of the 5 fundamental pillars of Islam and it is compulsory on each Muslim who has financial and bodily functionality to journey to the holy town of Mecca for appearing Hajj. Umrah is not as obligatory as hajj but nevertheless it’s far taken into consideration to be an critical a part of worship and Muslims from all around the international tour to Mecca and Medina to perform Umrah. Umrah achieved during the month of Ramadan is considered to be identical in praise to acting Hajj.

However, this is additionally a sour fact that maximum of the pilgrims visiting to the Holy Kingdom are unaware on the way to perform Umrah in keeping with the blessed way of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). This is utmost necessary to carry out Umrah according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to be desirable to Allah (S.W.T). Here is a quick manual for acting Umrah obligation.

First of all, a pilgrim need to enter into the nation of Ihram. This is accomplished via bathing, reducing nails and hair, carrying two simple white garments. After stepping into the kingdom of Ihram, such things as searching, perfuming and sexual intercourse emerge as prohibited.

Next step is to enter into the Grand Holy haji plus  Mosque of Mecca for Tawaf. It is usually recommended to go into into the mosque through Bab-as-Salam Gate of the Kaaba with the aid of placing your proper foot into the mosque. Pilgrims should be in the country of ablution for doing Tawaf of Holy Kaaba. Tawaf is began from Hijr-e-Aswad (Black Stone) within the anti-clockwise direction while reciting the supplications taught by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to his ummah. Men ought to keep their proper shoulder at some point of Tawaf of Kaaba that’s referred to as Iddtibaa. On the final touch of Tawaf, guys need to cover their right shoulder.

After Tawaf of Holy Kaaba, subsequent level is to complete seven rounds between hills, Safa and Marwah, that’s called Sa’i and it is an essential ritual of hajj and Umrah duty. Also recite the holy verses of Quran and supplications whilst status on both hills and during Sa’i among them.

After the final touch of Sa’i, pilgrims cut their hair. Men must shave their heads or at least shorten their hair. Women should cut their hair up to at least one or two centimeters. This slicing of hair of pilgrims is a symbol to show that pilgrims have repented from their closing sinful life and this is a starting in their new lifestyles underneath obedience and commandments of Allah (S.W.T).

Your Umrah is now entire and pilgrims can now come out from the nation of Ihraam and put on their ordinary garments. Also they may be now loose from each restrict of the kingdom of Ihraam.

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