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Fighting cancer is the primary goal of the pharmaceutical company Onconova Therapeutics (NASDAQ ONTX at in its clinical phase. If you agree with this goal and believe you have a bright future, please take a stance on ONTX stock. Onconova was incorporated in 1998 and has been listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange for some time. However, skeptical investors may wonder if stocks can stay in the stock market for much longer. In contrast, Onconva actively funds and promotes clinical cancer treatment programs, which makes it difficult for investors to choose whether to buy the stock. We look at the facts and try to draw reasonable conclusions.

 Details of ONTX Stock…

I was immediately struck by the fact that ONTX EPS had meant a loss of around 14 cents over the past 12 months. • Eight stocks worth buying for a well-diversified portfolio. on March 22, this share is trading at $ 1.18. Consequently, shareholders should actively influence Konova’s earnings per share. Another problem is that NASDAQ ONTX shares tend to fall. The share price in 2020 rose from 28 cents in April to $ 1.39 in July and fell to 21 cents in September. There is also an attempted recovery as stocks recently rallied in early 2021. February’s 52-week high was $ 1.93. However, in early March, the share price fell below $ 1 and was unable to maintain the uptrend. The $ 1 level is important both from a technical and psychological point of view. However, prices are important for other reasons and should be communicated to all potential investors.

Inconsistency issues

Unfortunately, Onconova received a bad letter from Nasdaq Capital Markets in October. In general, the Nasdaq requires listed securities to maintain a minimum closing price of at least $ 1 per share. ONTX operation may not meet requirements. Nasdaq has granted Onconova a grace period to meet the requirements listed above again. Fortunately, Onconova received notification from Nasdaq in February that the company had returned to its lowest level.

 Pricing conditions.

According to Nasdaq recommendations, NASDAQ ONTX shares could return below $ 1 at any time. As a result, Onconova investors should consider not only stock volatility but also a potential warning from Nasdaq. Future. As mentioned, Onconova specializes in product development for cancer patients. The company implements three product programs. • ON123300 (Phase 1), multi-kinase inhibitor for solid plants. • Oral rigosertib, a cystic sarcoma inhibitor for recurrent non-small cell lung cancer, positive for Kirsten rat sarcoma (phase 1/2).  Before investing, you can find more stocks such as nysearca spy at

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