Having a commercial swimming pool is a significant selling point for resort, hotel, and home owners. Keeping the pool in a good condition is imperative in order to attract patrons, residents or guests to your property. With use the pool may get worn out and hence may require you to carry out renovations or commercial pool resurfacing.

What exactly is pool resurfacing? Refinishing or resurfacingrefers to the process of removal and replacement of the top most layer of the surface of the pool. With a smooth surface obtained after refinishing, the pool can be considered prepared for a fresh sealant.

Following are some indicators which imply the need for commercial pool resurfacing by a professional company:

  • The gradual decrease of water level not because of evaporation indicating a leak.
  • The plumbing and equipment show signs of aging.
  • The pool is not able to accommodate everyone or requires additional safety features.
  • The fixtures, tiles or decking of the pool start showing signs of aging requiring preservation since if left unattended to, they may become more expensive issues to fix.
  • The pool has not been renovated in a long time and requires an update to look more fashionable and contemporary.

What are the recommended methods?

Of the various finishing products for pool resurfacing, plaster is the most common; alternatives like exposed aggregates are also gaining considerable popularity. Following is a run-down of all available options for commercial pool resurfacing, ranked from the most affordable to the most expensive:

  1. While using a high quality epoxy paint is the most affordable option, it is often just seen as a temporary fix, like a band aid, which will buy you enough time to save up for better options.
  2. Fiberglass resurfacing is seen as a controversial option in the pool industry.
  3. Aggregate is the trendiest option for resurfacing. Being a mix of quartz or pebbles with plaster, it provides a finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also long lasting.
  4. The most expensive option for resurfacing is using tiles, owing to not just the cost of the materials but also the labor involved. This option is considered mostly in instances where luxury is what one is going after. More often than not, if there is a need for you to enquire about its affordability, chances are it may just not be affordable for you.

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Commercial Pool Resurfacing in Suffolk County