Think of Pamela Anderson Lee figure model displaying the perfect tone body on billboard advertisements on the highway.

Think of photo shopped pictures of celebrities on pages of magazine.

Think of how the plastic surgery enhancement crazes mania amongst the Hollywood celebrities.

With all these obsession about a certain small thing that we described as outlook, people use to turn to cosmetics enhancement procedures like invasive plastic surgery that involves scalpels, lasers and injections or now, a new trend that doesn’t need operation procedure but it’s called DNA magic.

Cosmetics company, Valmont, sells a concoction called Cellular DNA complex which they claimed made from ‘specially treated salmon roe DNA’ at the price of £236 for seven phials.

The enhancement features include moisturizing, regenerating and protecting of Salmon DNA . Does smearing specially treated salmon DNA on your face will do wonders?

To vanish those wrinkles on our face forever, the biggest anti-ageing advancement since Botox declared by Clients of Dermagenetics have changed our way we think about beauty products.

If their claims are true, that also means that we have wasted on the money on beauty products that actually are doing us more harm than good. In the procedures, a patient is sent a kit, which includes two cotton swab and a return envelope.

They are asked to rub the swab along the inner cheek ten to 12 times before leaving it to dry and sending it back for testing. Experts will measure the genetic propensity for collagen breakdown, wrinkling, skin ageing, and their skin’s ability to tolerate environmental pollutants and overall skin health from the cells.

Within a fortnight, clients will be sent a tailor made night cream that contains various minerals, enzymes, herbal extracts and acids specifically balanced to suit them.

But is this a clever marketing campaign to make money faster by blinding people with science? It also makes us believe that understanding our own DNA can reverse the ageing process?

European and American legislators have established a policy of closely scrutinizing any anti-ageing claims for cosmetic products.

However, we can’t deny that one extremely effective tool would be a product that helps cells to repair DNA damage.

Existence of a liposome like vesicle containing either T4 endonuclease V or a photolyase from cyanobacteria is industrially manufactures and their effectiveness has been proven beyond doubt.

The former has appointed as a drug in the USA and Japan to treat genetic disease xerodermapigmentosum.

Importance and deep interest in this issue only pointed out our desires: to find products that would not only have cosmetic value for the skin but would surely benefit the rest of our bodies.


Cosmetics And DNA