The sensing heating of the heater is that the thermal effect formed by generating an induction current in an alternating electromagnetic field is generated by the conductor. According to different heating processes, the frequency of the AC power supplied by the induction heating has a power frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency. 1, the power frequency power supply for the induction heating is adjustable to the voltage on the induction device. Depending on the power size of the heating device and the power supply network capacity, the high voltage power supply can be powered by the transformer; or directly connect the heating device on a 380 volt low voltage grid. 2, the intermediate frequency power supply has used the intermediate frequency generator set for a longer period of time. It consists of an intermediate frequency generator and a driving asynchronous motor. With the development of electricity electronic technology, the intermediate frequency power supply of the thyristor inverter has been used. The switching tube is converted into direct current, and then the direct current is converted into an alternating current of the desired frequency. Since this variable frequency device is small, light, no noise, reliable operation, etc., has gradually replaced the intermediate frequency generator set. portable heater  3 The electron oscillator tube converts the direct current to the high frequency and high voltage alternating current. The output power of the high-frequency power supply is from several tens of kilowatts to a few hundred kilowatts. 4, induction heating objects need to be conductor. When the high frequency AC current is passed through the conductor, the conductor produces a skin effect, i.e., the conductor surface current density, and the conductor center current density is small. Induction heating can be overall and surface heating of the object; smelting metal; in a high frequency section, the shape of the heating coil is changed, and any partial heating can also be performed. The above is a related introduction to the sensing heating of the heater. I hope that the above story can make everyone know more about it. If you have more you want to know, please contact us.

Electrical heater induction heating introduction