If you are like 99% of the rest of the world, saving money is a number one priority in your household. You clip coupons, search for great deals, and always arrange your shopping trips for times when your favourite items are on sale. You even use money management software to ensure you are always on track with the money coming in and going out of your household.

When summer comes, however, it can be difficult summer camp software to maintain that ‘saver’ attitude. The kids are out of school and already bored of staying home every weekend. Your husband is anxious to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. Everyone in the house seems to be doing everything they can to ruin your perfectly well-thought-out budget.

Luckily for you, we have a few tips that can keep you from breaking the bank this summer and help you save money now and in the future.

Top Tips for Saving Money

    • Eat Organic- Yes, it is more expensive- now. However, unhealthy food can lead to extremely large medical expenses in the course of just a year. Visit a farmer’s market for low cost, fresh, and local produce, meats, cheese, and baked goods that will keep you health and reduce your annual medical expenses.
    • Buy Used- Summer is the perfect time to stock up on all those things you never knew you needed, and a yard sale is the best place to find them! Head out to various neighbourhoods around your area and see what deals you can nab. Need to make a little room for all your new things or simply want to make a little money so you have some to spend at the next yard sale you come across? Have your own yard sale. Sell all those items that have been cluttering your garage for years that you will never use.
    • Watch Your Lead Foot- Did you know you waste fuel when you accelerate in your car? It’s true. According to , your car’s fuel economy can actually decrease the faster you drive your car, and constant acceleration will lower the fuel economy as well. When driving, choose a moderate speed and stick to it.
    • Fly on a Budget- Summer is the best time to take a vacation with the family, but when you look at your money management software and discover there is only a certain amount of cash available in your budget for this expense, you might believe your plans have to be cancelled. This isn’t the case however. Take a look at Kayak.com/explore. Here you can enter your location, budget, destination, and flight times and be given the flights and dates you can take advantage of without breaking your budget.
  • Save on Energy Bills- If your kids want to go to summer camp or your husband is begging for that new state-of-the-art grill, you don’t have to say no. Instead, say “if.” “If” they will do their part to reduce your energy bills this summer by playing their video games during off-peak hours, turning off the air conditioning and using ceiling fans, opening the windows at night, switching to LED bulbs, and hanging the laundry out on the close line, then you can afford those extra summer expenses.


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