Nobody likes to wait. It annoys us to stand in line, wait for a minibus at a bus stop, or “hang” on the line until we are connected to the operator. Approximately the same thing occurs to the user when they look at the screen for 10-15 seconds in anticipation of a miracle. According to statistics, 7-10 seconds is already a lot. As a result, patience ends, and we lose a potential client or reader.

The longer pictures, text, files, and other page elements take to load, the less interest and patience the user has. The speed of loading content is the most important factor that positively affects the behavior of the reader and the reputation of the site as a whole.

An important role is played by the distance from the host to the user. The larger it is, the longer the data will be displayed on the monitor. A flexible CDN service is a resource that allows you to use and link servers that are closest to the audience.

Static Host Configuration

It cannot take more than 10 minutes but will significantly speed up the site.

The caching mechanisms used by different CDN providers vary, but they work like this:

  1. Go to the hosting control panel, the “Static Server” section. From the list of sites, select the desired site and click the “Perform activation” button. Static data centers are being accessed through this subdomain. After updating your ISP’s DNS, the subdomain is operational immediately. Settings on the statistical content source system must be applied within a minute. In the HTML markup of your site, change the paths to static objects.
  2. You need to install the CDN component. The next action is to configure everything and install all in the administration section.
  3. General tab. Set the switch to the “Enable” position.
  4. Details tab. Set the Origin Pull option. In the text field for entering CDN mapping, you must specify the name of the static server and the extensions that will be processed (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .ico. .css, .midi, .wav, .bmp, .js, .swf, .flv, .avi, .djvu, .mp3).
  5. At the last step, in the Other tab, enable the Far Future expiration option for maximum website speed.

If you are looking for comprehensive solutions for the media business and entertainment industry with such services as CDN hosting, visit our company G-Core Labs. Our engineers care not only about the speed of delivery but also about safety. The CDN we offer has a function to force browser redirect to HTTPS. This implies that even if HTTPS is not configured on the origin, you can still deliver content securely.

You can verify the high speed of dynamic content delivery using our CDN for free — for this, we have a free plan, as well as a free trial period on any plan.


How Do I Set up a CDN Server?