How to Score High In Class 10 CBSE Board Exams


We all know that examination plays a very significant role in students’ lives to help them accomplish their career goals. Students studying in Class 10 usually dread the subjects of Science and Mathematics. This article will give them a few tips on how to procure good marks in subjects like Science and Mathematics. The exam is a process that mainly helps students examine how much knowledge they have gained in a particular subject. The fear of attending the CBSE board exam would be much in the minds of many students. Solving the NCERT textbook questions regularly using the correct reference material will assist them to procure high scores in the upcoming exam.


Students appearing for the CBSE Class 10 board exam have a high confidence level in analysing the questions quickly. As Maths is a difficult subject, students can practice the NCERT textbook at least two-three times, to obtain good marks in forthcoming exams. When students start preparation they are advised to go through the NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 Maths completely to understand the syllabus and the marks weightage allotted for each concept.

Tips to Score High in Class 10 Maths exam

Now, the students know about the exam paper pattern and they can prepare accordingly. A few tips you can learn quickly on how to prepare:

  • Before kick starting the exam preparation, the students should prepare mentally for the examination. Understanding the syllabus and marking scheme completely is very important from an exam perspective.
  • Create your separate keynote of formulas and theorems to review regularly. This should have been glanced at daily to retain them without any trouble.
  • Work on the complete textbook questions several months before the main exam. This will give a chance for the students to study complicated topics based on marking systems and importance.
  • While preparing for the Maths board exams, students must recognize the areas, which they see as hard to solve instantly. These concepts can later be learned with the right reference material and get through their difficulties.

Main steps to be followed by students to ace the Class 10 Science exam with good score

  • Students have to prepare a list of experiments, derivations, important formulae and review them daily so that the theories remain fresh in their minds.
  • First, understand the concepts and mark the important portions, which help in recalling the knowledge even better.
  • When the students are done with learning all the concepts given in the syllabus, working on the prior year question papers and sample papers will encourage them in estimating their preparation done so far.
  • Time management is another plus point to score 100 out of 100 if you’re thorough about one concept, you should answer that question within a particular time.


Scoring good results in a subject like Science is a goal for most of the students. To ace the Science Class 10 exam with a good score you should follow the NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 Science without fail.