Including Serial Ports to a pc with Only USB Ports


It is incredibly common nowadays – you discover an awesome machine that does everything you would like it to carry out, but Then you definately get house and determine that amongst the lightning-quickly processor and terabyte harddrive, you happen to be lacking some thing – a serial port.

Most laptop makers have killed RS-232

In an effort to enforce more recent specifications, for example USB and FireWire, quite a few notebook makers serial giso have Permit serial ports slide via the wayside. They don’t keep in mind the an incredible number of people and companies that still call for serial ports for 1 application or A different.

Add a true serial port using a USB adapter

You should utilize a USB to Serial Adapter to simply and quickly incorporate a serial port in your notebook. The good issue regarding the adapter is which you can use numerous adapters on one particular device (using a hub or an insert-on card) and dynamically established the COM assignment.

A variety of serial products requiring some kind of serial port

Lots of PDA’s, GPS units, routers, printers, fax devices, and so on. however demand serial ports. Lots of these equipment are shifting to more recent standards, most notably USB, but many continue to run on legacy technologies (serial or parallel) due to trouble in rewriting drivers for the newer requirements.

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