At least as soon as a month I’m asked this query through an event organiser and possibly it’s now not surprising.

The number of local, country wide and international recognition and fundraising campaigns grows yr on year. It’s a busy and competitive market. The reasoning is consequently that there should be an detail of crucial making plans, an overseer to ensure matters do not get out of hand.

I envisage a ‘sign in’ as some thing instead formal – an professional record, wherein details are submitted. Where there are standards to conform to and there may be a positive level of organisation involved. I’m positive the ones phoning me are thinking along comparable traces. I keep in mind one charity manager asking whether there were any slots to be had inside the month they were making plans for their marketing campaign.

So the answer to the query – is there a register slotxo of campaigns? Well, yes there is….Form of.

The Profile Group, describe themselves as a ‘future activities records company’ and considered one of their publications is indeed an Awareness Campaigns Register. UK charity occasion organisers and their pr groups must be aware of this free carrier and, if they run a marketing campaign, publish their details to it.

Not a great deal is required beyond the ‘who, what, wherein, whilst’ – your event will then get amalgamated with all the other campaigns into an online and printed calendar. This is then offered to the pr and media global – rate £271 pa.

So it truly is the sign up – a non-obligatory calendar list which is then packaged into an attractive package deal and bought to people who may additionally choose and run with your story…Or not.

I’m no longer aware the levels of return charities get from their event being within the Awareness Campaign Register but it is unfastened and now not very hard, so not anything lost.

Personally I’m satisfied with the marginally anarchic world of charity campaigns, in which each person can create their consciousness or fundraising campaign at a time and for a period that suits them. If you need to launch a month-lengthy marketing campaign in October and combat it out for media attention with the breast cancer charities then my advice is go for it. Campaigns stand or fall via the power in their messages and the talents of their conversation and pr personnel to get them out to the ones a good way to concentrate.

Campaigns mirror the modern-day issues of society – environmental issues will probably dominate the months in advance as the world tries to cope with the consequences of weather exchange. Of path the Count Me In Calendar is delighted to receive information of any country wide attention and fundraising campaign and listing them at no charge – and our many pr and media users discover our unfastened supply of distinctly distinctive information a outstanding help in their paintings.

A formalised register might stifle creativity and upload useless management so let’s keep it exactly how it’s miles and may the most enticing messages keep to win via.

Is There a Register of Charity Campaigns?