If you live in an apartment or any rented home then it is not easy for you to make changes to the kitchen. Apartments especially, have very little space to work with and one thing that is often missing from the kitchen in an apartment is a kitchen island. Islands are very useful because they offer an extra workspace if you need more counter space and they have extra storage underneath in case you cannot fit everything in your normal kitchen cabinets. They also offer a place to pull up stools and create a small breakfast bar. Kitchen islands with stools area great way to have a mini breakfast bar for one or two people to sit and eat in your home. However, you often do not have room in an apartment to install a permanent fixture let alone the permission to do it. A nice alternative is the portable one on wheels.

Kitchen islands on wheels are usuall a nang y topped with either a wooden slab or a metal top for your work surface. They provide extra counter space when you need it and can be wheeled up to any existing counter, sink, or stove if that is what you need. However, when they are not in use, you can stow them away in a corner or along a wall where they might not be very convenient to use, but will be out of the way. One way to free up even more counter space and increase your available work area is to store things underneath your portable island.

Underneath, portable kitchen islands often have one or two shelves where you can store things. Many people use this space to store small kitchen appliances or a wine rack. These items are things that take up room on your counter tops and storing them under your island gives you even more available counter space. Sometimes these shelves are enclosed into cabinets. The doors are often held closed with magnets so that they do not swing open when your wheel your kitchen island around the room. Having the doors gives the piece of furniture a more polished look, especially if you have many items stored underneath that have unsightly cords hanging around. If you do not have a closed cabinet and you only have shelves, you might want to consider hanging curtains to hide them.

One great benefit of having your kitchen island be portable is the fact that you do not have to keep it is the kitchen. Many people will cover the wheeled furniture with a tablecloth and then use it to serve h’ordeuvres or drinks at a party. The small portable table can be prepared in the kitchen and then wheeled out into another room. The shelves or storage cabinet underneath are a handy place to store extra cups, napkins, or other party supplies so they are at hand quickly. The portable kitchen island is very diverse and a great addition to any apartment or home.


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