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Using tools to help you with SEO is a smart decision. You can’t do everything by yourself. With these tools, the job becomes a lot easier. If you are yet to use one, here are some useful tools to consider as recommended by Chicago SEO experts

Google Analytics 

This powerful tool is a must-have, as you can’t run an SEO campaign without one. It tracks the traffic to your website. You will also know where it comes from and which page gets the most views. It’s easier to decide how to move forward with the aid of Google Analytics. While traffic is only one of the metrics to track for SEO, it’s a necessity. Of course, tracking traffic alone isn’t enough, so you need to use more tools. Digital marketing agencies like those offering Chicago SEO services will tell you that Google Analytics is a reliable choice. It’s a staple among online SEO campaigns, and it’s a mistake not to use one. Even the free version alone can already do wonders for your online marketing campaign. 


This SEO toolkit provides comprehensive tools to guide you in your online marketing campaign. You can get an overview of different metrics and detailed analysis too. For instance, if you wish to use the tool for web traffic, you can do the same for your competitors. Hence, you will have an idea about how to do a better job. Bounce rate is another metric you can analyze with this tool. It tells you the number of people who visited the page and left. You can decide how to entice them and make them want to explore the website further. This tool has tons of glowing reviews since many people believe it’s trustworthy. The only downside is the price. However, if you’re looking forward to reaping the results later, the amount is good enough. 

Moz Pro 

If you’re looking for an affordable tool, this option works for you. Avail of the standard plan for only $99 and receive access to all the essential tools. From keyword research to backlink analysis, everything is available. You may also opt for an annual premium to reduce the monthly cost. If you don’t like switching to different tools, Moz Pro has everything you need. 

Majestic SEO tools 

This tool is one of the most popular for consistency in delivering results, especially among SEO veterans. However, even for newbies like you, it offers plenty of useful features. Like other SEO tools, it also provides tons of features such as a backlink checker, IPs and subnets, and referring domains. The best feature of Majestic is its integrated “Site Explorer.” It offers an overview of the online store that received negative comments due to various issues. Unfortunately, the lack of Google Analytics integration is probably the only downfall. 


This tool doesn’t only help you with keyword searches. It also tells you which keywords other companies purchase using Google AdWords. In addition, it helps match search terms with search results to offer a deeper insight into which words often get used in searches. SpyFu also enables you to compete since it can single out the phrases that generate the most traffic. As a result, you can be ahead of your competitors using this strategy. With its affordable cost, SpyFu could be one of the top choices. 


You don’t have to buy all these tools if you decide to work with top agencies offering SEO services. They already have the necessary tools you need to move forward with the SEO campaigns. You pay for their service, but you’re getting a complete package. Expect better results once the collaboration commences. 

Must Have SEO Tools for Beginners