Tequila Zombies Unblocked Game Tequila Zombies Unblocked game is a fun online game where you play as a zombie shooter, or called Z-Shooter by its makers (the game’s company).

You will be assigned tasks to kill zombies; even with this simple task may become challenging, but it is definitely worth trying if you want an exciting adventure out of your daily home or school schedules! The game was developed around 2012 but it has recently reached one million plays for 29th October, 2013.

The game’s main objective is to shoot at zombies but there are also other tasks to complete the killing spree. These are finding parts of a map, looking for medkits and surviving until you can reach your destination. 

There are two modes to play Tequila Zombies Unblocked Game: 

Campaign Mode where you have around 15 levels to finish with increasing difficulty every time, and Survival Mode where you will be given an infinite number of zombies trying to kill you! https://www.zombocalypse2.org/tequila-zombies

Tequila Zombies Unblocked Game starts with being attacked by a zombie yourself so it’s not an easy run especially if this is your first time playing the game. You’ll need skills in aiming so try aiming at headshots as much as possible. Killing a zombie will earn you points that can be used to purchase better weapons after each level.

In Tequila Zombies Unblocked Game, there are several types of weapons which include pistols, grenades and machine guns so start with the default pistol to kill as much zombies as possible. 

Especially when you have low health, try to aim for headshots because if your shots hit their legs, they will only slow them down rather than killing them immediately. 

When you go through a door or a window in Tequila Zombies Unblocked Game, it can be difficult because staying too close slows down your movement speed while exposing yourself from shot from zombies outside the house is very dangerous as well. 

I suggest using middle distance at most times to aim for headshots and shoot them in the legs when they get too close.There is a timer on top of your screen which seems to be ticking down from an hour. There are 4 clocks near the corners of the screen, one for each zombie type (Tequila Zombies Unblocked Game will show you exactly which is which) and when they turn into skulls that means you have killed them all.

The next wave will then proceed automatically, so if you haven’t yet cleared all zombies of a certain type it would be best to reload Tequila Zombies Unblocked Game again and try again.

Each map will have different layouts, even though some might look very similar but there aren’t any doors between houses so going from A -> B -> C might result in a detour via D, E and F.

The easiest way to avoid injury is to use the houses for cover – if you can’t see them they can’t hit you! You will have around 2 seconds warning when zombies are about to jump over your fence so try and take out as many as possible before they get through. 

If one does manage to get through, either reload Tequila Zombies Unblocked Game or find some other house and stay inside it until their timer runs down and they go back outside. Be warned however: survivors usually only last 30 seconds before turning into a zombie themselves, which means that if you’re still inside the house after that time then aggroing another survivor WILL turn you into a zombie.

Occasionally you might see a minibus driving around the board. If they stop outside your house then get in, every survivor on that minibus is worth +1 point extra per kill! Be warned though, if their timer runs out during the journey then everyone inside is also converted into zombies…

The helicopter will spawn occasionally and fly over one of the houses on the board. If they hover directly over yours for about 5 seconds without moving, it means you’ve been selected to be rescued! 

To claim this reward simply kill 100 zombies within 30 seconds of them selecting you (so don’t relax just because you got picked!) Once you’ve killed them all, either wait for them to reappear or run to another house if you don’t fancy hanging around.

If the helicopter is circling one of your houses when you die, it will stop and drop another grenade in that space (this can be really annoying if it’s over the house you were camping in!)

The bus will always arrive at a new location after about 5 minutes or when 25 zombies have been killed whichever comes first, this means that even if there are only 10 zombies left by the end of each round it will still move to a new location!

If someone dies during an attack then any other survivor who makes it back alive can run over to them and bring them back to life…at the cost of 1 health point themselves. This becomes available once they’ve respawned at least one time, if they haven’t respawned yet then you can pay 1 health point to bring them back anyway.

If only 1 person is left alive during an attack then everyone will end up evacuated at the end of each round. This means that once it’s down to just you and one other survivor, avoid attacking for as long as possible because whoever dies will get an automatic win!

By default this game has a number of rooms set up in random locations on most maps with zombies randomly spawning from them at different speeds depending on the map used. To customise this see the “map editor” section below!

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