Postop Shoes – 5 Key Points For Best Shoes to Wear After Ankle Surgery


For most of us, cheap and value-for-figure footwear is an excellent indicator to help make their purchasing decisions. This is why we find the orthopedic brands that we know to be high quality to be such a valued asset. If you desire a lightweight and comfortable walking experience with numerous health benefits, too, you might consider wearing footwear with these qualities. So, here we are discussing the top 11 best shoes to wear after ankle surgery for maximum value and comfort.

Athletic Footwear This is among the best shoes to wear after ankle surgery due to the superior cushioning. The outsole features a combination of polyurethane foam and a multi-layer of socks that give you an extra layer of cushioning and durability. The outsole and the heel are made with special outsole compounds that reduce lateral wear and tear. These are made of soft leather to offer a highly responsive and durable material. The insole is constructed from ethylene propylene diene terpolymer to provide a firm grip on all surfaces.

High-Top Trainers This style of shoe is another top choice to avoid possible injury. The high-top provides ankle support for your ankles. However, the insole will need to be reinforced with metal plates in order to provide additional ankle support. This style is available as either trainers or sneakers. In the former instance, you can opt for a high-top trainer shoe that has the ability to be zippered up to reveal the silver-colored steel toe cap. The latter makes use of a single band of elastic to add extra flexibility.

Ballet Sneakers When choosing the right shoe to wear post-surgery, it’s important to choose the appropriate footwear for activity level and purpose. For these reasons, ballet shoes are best for children. They come with a full sole that provides excellent ankle support for active children. You can also get them with a mid-calf and split sole for children who are more sedentary.

Tubular Laces are a good alternative to elastic laces when looking for the best and most comfortable orthopedic shoes to wear post-surgery. These offer the same benefits as laces such as comfort and increased ankle flexibility. To ensure maximum comfort, consider purchasing them in a size slightly larger than your everyday shoe. This allows for room to stretch and mold the laces prior to wearing them. You should always follow your doctor’s instructions regarding stretching and lacing your toes for maximum comfort and benefits.

Durable Spiked Shoe Padding The ultimate in postop care is ensuring your shoes have adequate and effective padding. Your new, after surgery shoes will need extra support to avoid stress fractures. Wearing traditional sneakers with little or no padding can lead to stress fractures. In addition, there is the added benefit of helping to prevent swelling in your feet. Consider a spiced-up pair of sneakers that comes with extra padding.

Durable Nubuck and Leather Quality When looking for the best and most comfortable shoes to wear post-op, it’s important to choose a style made from durable and long lasting nubuck or leather materials. They offer an increased amount of durability than thinner, cheaper materials such as vinyl or cotton. Although these types of shoes usually cost more, the benefits you reap from wearing them will far outweigh the cost. They provide an increased level of comfort, improved arch support, and added ankle and foot protection. Also, they are less likely to cause injury due to their extra durability.

Soft Cushioning Whether you have one or both of your ankles fractured, you need to choose orthopedic footwear that is designed to reduce shock and pressure to the bones, joints, and muscles from Best FREE Reviews. The cushioned shock absorption of a shoe with a soft midsole will help to reduce fatigue during extended wear. If you have a tendency to bruise easily, choose shoes with an EVA midsole, which is less prone to bruising. You can also opt for a gel cushioning inside the shoe if you feel the effects of being overworked, or if you want extra soft cushioning and more protection.