Problems in steel structural processing welding, prevent molding

The main material of the steel structure is steel, steel structure is also one of the most important building structures. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel truss, and other components made of steel and steel plates, each one. Welding, bolts or rivets are connected between components or components, and the self-importance of steel structures are light than other building materials, and they are simple and widely used in some large buildings, sports conference venues, super high-level buildings. . Taiyuan Steel Structure Processing Manufacturers emphasize that in the entire steel structure building, the role of welding can be described as heavy, so once there is any negligence in this process, it is possible to cast a Custom Steel Fabrication big mistake.

First, the selection of welding voltage

Welded, no matter whether it is bottom, fill, cover, whether or not the groove size size is selected, such The consequences of doing may not reach the desired melt, the width, the defects such as bite, air hole, splash, etc., the steel structural processing manufacturers should choose the corresponding arc or short in the case of different situations when welding Arc can get a better welding quality and work efficiency. Second, the control of the welding current

For the steel structural processing manufacturers, for the project progress, the medium-thick plate docking weld is not taken The opening of the opening, which will make the strength index decline, even the standard requirements, cracks when the bending test, which makes the weld joint performance cannot be guaranteed, and the safety of the steel structure constitutes a potential threat.

Third, the control of the welding arc length

When welding is not controlled, the arc length is not controlled, the number of welding layers, welding form, welding model, etc. Adjusting the length of the arc is adjusted, since improper use of the welding arc length, then it is more difficult to get high quality weld.

Fourth, the temperature of the temperature of the welding layer

Steel structural processing manufacturers need multiple layers when welding thick plates, if not paying attention The control of the interval temperature, the interval is too long, and the preheating will produce cold cracks when welding, the interval is too short, the temperature is too high, the performance of the weld and the heat affected zone will also have an impact. Caused a large grain, which is toughness and a decrease in plasticity.

Fifth It will cause unfelt, unmelted defects, reduce the connection strength, if it is a rusty welding head or iron block, it is difficult to ensure the consistency of the base material, if there is oil, impurities, then the quality of the weld It will be greatly reduced, and the quality requirements for the design and standardization of weld are not met.