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Reading the news, it’s hard not to be concerned about the steadily rising numbers of dementia and Alzheimer’s cases with earlier-than-ever onset. Since every person alive today will be faced with aging issues, it’s something we should all be concerned about.

Sadly, so much of the research going on in the medical community is focused on new drugs to fix or mask symptoms rather than discovering cause and aiming for prevention. However, by fusing Western and Eastern medicine as well as utilizing alternative, cutting edge devices claiming to prevent and cure a myriad of health issues, there have been dramatic results.

There have been remarkable results treating various neuro-degenerative conditions especially in the early stages using holistic treatments, particularly hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). This treatment helps build new blood vessels which can actually create new brain tissue, so those suffering neuropure review  from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, and memory loss are seeing significant changes. The therapy, a very relaxing experience, consists of lying in a comfortable chamber being inundated with pure oxygen for an hour or so. Most people fall asleep and wake up feeling energized and alert. After several sessions, the changes can be profound.

Hyperbaric is also effective for stroke prevention and recovery, pain management, head injuries, heart disease, age regeneration and more. In fact, there are over 150 health issues that thousands are reporting incredible benefits from. This device is used as standard protocol in Europe but is still not widely utilized in the U.S even though the FDA has approved it for over a dozen health issues.

Evidence shows that health gets affected in incalculable ways from the thousands of toxins we ingest daily just by living and breathing on this polluted planet. They build up until the body becomes overloaded, then gets stored in fat cells, muscles, organs and brain tissue. Medical research shows links between these toxins and neurological issues. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments as well as other detoxification protocol offer effective ways to detoxify from these hazardous stored chemicals.

Other high tech devices such as hyperthermia infrared saunas, colon hydrotherapy, medical mud baths, pulse magnetic therapy, whole body vibration, cold light lasers and heliotropy light therapy are also showing significant results.

It’s important to find what each person’s body responds best to, so utilizing a naturopathic doctor or other holistic practitioner to prescribe and supervise these treatments is imperative.

It’s well documented that for permanent physical healing to occur, the mind, emotions and spirit also need to be addressed with inner belief system shifting and spiritual awakening that all work concurrently.

Of course, lifestyle changes, nutritional programs, exercise and de-stressing techniques such as yoga and meditation all work hand-in-hand to not only help with these issues but prevent them as well. Living Longer Medical Resort offers holistic, cutting-edge, science-based treatments for neuro-degenerative issues and other physical issues. Call to set up a free consultation with a Naturopathic Doctor to assess your needs and determine what Living Longer Medical Resort can do to help you heal or prevent future medical issues. 800-980-5746



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