Reasons Italy Should Be A Staple In Your Travel List

Everyone loves traveling and has a bucket list of places they want to visit in their lives. And Italy is immediately present on the majority of the bucket list. But why are people around the world fascinated by this country? What’s so charming about it? Well, who wouldn’t like to enjoy a tour of the Colosseum and imagine assisting in a gladiator show? Or who wouldn’t want to ride on a gondola in Venice? You can get all of this from online websites such as Rome2Rio.

Overall, Italy has a great reason why one should visit it at least once in their lifetime. This article will provide you with the basic reasons.


No matter where you go, whether a big city or small village, North, centre or South, city orcountryside, mountains or coast, you’ll find culture and traditions everywhere. Every place holds its own peculiar culture: its traditions, its dialect, its habits, and its typical food.

This is probably one of the reasons why Italians don’t look like one single folk, but it also enhances its beauty. If you are in Milan, the capital of fashion and home to the Christmas dessert Panettone, you need to walk a few km, and you can walk along the lake in Como or even reach Venice with its wonderful canals and architecture.

It’s safe to say that traveling around Italy is continuously discovering its culture, which people are extremely jealous and proud of.

History behind the Art 

The most important sculptors and painters now known worldwide belong to Italy. Because we wouldn’t have the Sistine Chapel without Michelangelo and the fascinating dome on top of Florence’s cathedral without Brunelleschi. Also, did you forget that Giotto and Leonardo da Vinci were Italian?

Italy gained a variety of forms of art that can still be admired due to the many civilizations conquered by Italy and the many reigns in which it was divided until 1861. Such form of art ranges from Roman ruins to Renaissance buildings, from Christian art like St Peter’s Church in Rome to medieval castles and so many more.


 If you love spending time on a beautiful white-sanded beach and swimming in crystal-clear water, hiking high mountains with breath-taking scenarios, and exploring the countryside, even getting lost in woods and caves sometimes, then you should visit Italy.

Whatever you love about nature, Italy is full of it. It is perfect for sea lovers with its wonderful 7,400 km of coastline. Its islands, mainly the big Sardinia and Sicily and the small Capri, Ischia, and Eolie are excellent destinations for your summer holidays. You should visit the Alps if you like to ski. And if you love to drink wine while admiring green hills, you should head to Tuscany.

Food of Italy

 According to a study by the Good Italy 2017 Workshop and BITEG 2017, with Tuscany and Piedmont among the top destinations, Italy has been offered enogastronomic holiday packages by the 61% of tour operators worldwide in the year 2018. But even without these surveys, we all know that everyone loves to eat Italian food.

How can someone resist a homemade pasta dish with authentic ragùalla Bolognese or tasty sea food pasta? Or how about eating a typical pizza from Naples? And also, you cannot afford to miss out on a mouth-watering gelato.

And if you love to have some wine, you have many wine yards to visit and taste some Barolo, Montepulciano, Morellino, and plenty of others.