Roof Cleaning Services: How To Choose A Cleaning Contractor

If you’re like the majority of homeowner in Pennsylvania your home is probably your most significant investment. You searched for the best school district, the best neighborhood, inquired about the age of your roof is, underwent an inspection on your home, and proceeded to dot your I’s and crossed your T’s when you settled. You’re proud of your exterior and aren’t hesitant about investing in maintaining it since it’s less costly than replacing the items Roof Wash Albany Ny.

The Roof on MY PA Home Has Black Streaks

Let’s look at the ugly growth and the best way to get it removed and restore that curb charm. Roof shingles are made from organic petroleum and lime. These materials are an ideal habitat for Cyanobacteria that invading Pennsylvania in the south of America in the 1980’s, a phenomenon known as Gloeocapsa Magma. When this blue-green algae, as it is commonly called, is introduced into a neighborhood, it leaps from roof to roof , causing those black streaks that look ugly. The streaks can engulf the roof to the point that the shingles that are light gray may appear black in a uniform manner. Different types of mold spores could begin taking root and then your roof can be an Petri dish full of microorganisms which are all eating the roofing shingles.

A Roof Cleaning Company To The Rescue!

But, not so fast. Since roof cleaning is just beginning to take off in PA and since the maintenance of roofs is becoming a necessity for proper maintenance of homes, there has been many startups with no experience and ad-hoc claims of miracle cleaners that can Spray and Forget. The reality is.. The growth that is growing on your roof must be removed not only from the shingles’ surface however, it must be eliminated deep in order to prevent it will soon return. The formulas that be effective in states that are as close as Virginia might not be the same mix of surfactants and cleaners that are used here.

The killing of this cyanobacteria can only be achieved through an oxidation process. It’s a fancy way to saying that the spores are explosions caused by an antioxidant. This is the way bleach works. It’s a powerful bleach oxidizer that can be reduced enough to complete the task without harming anything in the vicinity including your costly landscaping or plants.

Choosing The Right PA Roof Cleaning Company

The process of killing mold and its spores found in PA is a different process from those that are native to other regions. Spores, as with any living organism, change their habits to get stronger and last through the changing climate and conditions which aren’t present in other regions of the nation. Only the most experienced roof cleaning professionals will know and have perfected the quality of the landscape-friendly cleaners to eliminate the growth, but remain secure for the surrounding environment around your home.

As with all trades major part of the outcome that is successful of roof cleaning lies involved in the process of preparation. The plants must be properly accounted for and secured. Any gutter that drains needs to be watched closely and its runoff halted. The interiors of gutters need to be scrutinized to determine the likelihood of overflows. One of the most crucial things homeowners should be aware of is that very little to no pressure should be applied to the roofing shingles. The granules that cover the shingle can be removed with as little than 500 p.s.i of pressure. If you are told by a business that they will clean the shingles using an air pressure washer, but do not employ the cleaning product… Run!. They’ll eat away years from the lifespan of your roofing.

You should look for the common features of a company… expertise as well as time in business licensing, liability insurance, workman’s compensation insurance, and trained technicians, and ask for reviews from customers. There was no price mentioned. PA is now requiring cleaning companies to be insured and licensed.

Although you must be sure to adhere to your budget, it’s more beneficial to let the roof’s growth instead of hiring an untrained handyman who will make your home a desert filled with dead vegetation and stained glass. Cleaning your roof in the PA region doesn’t have to be performed frequently, so pick a company that can perform the job properly, with the safety of your home as the primary concern when getting the roof cleaned job.