Supernatural occurrences And Seeing God As Divine Revelation

These are great, legitimate inquiries concerning seeing God, yet they emerge from the disarray of the inner self psyche. These are considerations concerning the body; they are inquiries of the body being posed to by the body.

Or on the other hand “did Moses see God” as a general rule, or things like “is Jesus God?” And then, maybe, “On the off chance that He made me in His picture, for what reason doesn’t he just show up before me, where I can see Him, so we can have an eye to eye discussion? He is fit for anything.”

We’ve all sooner or later brought up the acim issue about seeing God. You will have the comparable or same self image questions that have ascended within each one of us all at once or another on the off chance that you have not as of now. “For what reason does God convey signs or motions toward us when He could essentially address us obviously in our own given language?”

A sort of Daze of Sort

Our fantasy state right now, the nanosecond of the fantasy of life where projected in essence pictures make the world we see, is of our own picture making- – not God’s.

Attempt to start understanding that God doesn’t expand Himself as a projected picture, so seeing God doesn’t come to fruition. We’ve made our own picture of God. While projections are vital as the quintessence of any fantasy, He isn’t dreaming.

The dream of a body as what your identity is doesn’t convey with it a brain. Minds don’t have real actual elements, for example, a mouth or vocal ropes to talk through. We are the expansion of God’s Mind, not of a body.

It’s every one of the a fantasy, and that is the reason we aren’t really seeing God.

Keep in mind, when mankind in general slipped into a fantasy of kind of being isolated from Oneness, it was a detachment of brain and not of body, but rather like a fast day, as it were. Seeing God and life in this world this manner prompts more equilibrium and our maximum capacity

Certainly, God would make us in His Likeness of Have cared, however the body is our own independent dream molded to stow away our responsibility from isolating