The Boon Of The Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

Today, oxygen is used to treat different types of health problems. The inception of the portable hyperbaric chamber has further increased the use of oxygen to treat various conditions and capitalize on the healing process. Oxygen was first used to treat decompression sickness. Used in higher-pressure conditions, the HBOT therapy would also improve the muscle tissue damage.

Using the portable device improves the hyperbaric chamber cost to buy damage caused in muscles especially in athletes and other sports aficionados. Since the sportsmen require a lot of muscle exercise, this therapy is used to treat common injuries, which happens due to fatigue. Being portable, these machines are greatly beneficial. Their innate mobile characteristic makes it perfect to use it within the confines of one’s home.

The use of this therapy was not limited to decompression or muscle fatigue. It has been widely explored to treat autism, cerebral palsy, tumors, wounds, embolism and even cerebral stroke. The pure oxygen reaches the oxygen-derived areas and heals the area. The increased flow of the gas would further slow down the aging process and increase the metabolism rate. All these incur the same result that is, the human body improves its immune system.

The rapid development in the technology saw the chambers being evolved into the portable versions that enabled a patient to take care of themselves within the comforts of home. Relatively easy to use, the transportable machines allow the patient to rest at home. This is also perfect for those who are more prone to injuries and remain safe at their homes. Completely feasible, the device would save both money and time.

The therapy usually depends on the status of the patient and the illness. The duration and the frequency will also depend on the aforementioned stats. The medical professionals who are aware of the patient’s position usually design the treatment and the therapy. Since the patient has to lie within the chamber, there are no probable side effects other than the occasional “popping” of the ears. However, confirming the therapy with a medical expert is quintessential to the proper treatment of the patient’s condition.

Benefits of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

• Improvement of all neurological disease: The therapy also heals neurological disease. The oxygen present in the chamber rushes in the body at a higher level of pressure. The oxygen even reaches the areas that are deprived of this life-saving air. The result is improved working condition of the organs, less irritability, more response rate etc