Most developing countries still experience poor welfare or rather poor standard of living for some eminent reasons. Here, we shall be examining some of the causes of low or poor welfare scheme in the developing countries.

1. LOW INCOME: National income, per capita Transportation income and GNP growth rate, etc are always low in developing countries, thus bringing about low welfare of the people.

2. ILLITERACY: Majority of the people in developing countries are illiterates. The problem arises from
lack of facilities to meet the needs of the nation.

3. LOW INVESTMENT: The problem of savings brings about the problem of investment. A person who hardly gets three square meals daily cannot save, not to even talk of him/her investing.

4. LOW SAVINGS: There is a persistent culture of low savings, that is, if any savings exist at all. Wage earners hardly sustain themselves with their family and thus don’t even think of saving some. This has an adverse effect on the peoples’ welfare

5. INADEQUATE INFRASTRUCTURAL FACILITIES: Most facilities in our hospitals, clinics and maternities are poor, that is if they really even exist at all. Thus, an outbreak of disease mean many lives being lost because once there is an outbreak, it spread so rapidly that soonest it becomes uncontrollable.

6. OVERPOPULATION: Population growth in developing countries is very rapid. Thus, the government has not being able to cater for the explosive population over the year which in turn is affecting peoples’ welfare.

7. POLITICAL INSTABILITY: These are no democratic political arrangement in the developing nations. This is creating an atmosphere full of fears and suspicions.

8. FINANCIAL MISMANAGEMENT: Most funds of developing countries are diverted to less important and useless projects, thus creating absolute state of contagious or chain poverty. This has led to people trying to meet up through nefarious means such as corruption and robbery; making people live under threat and fears.

9. LACK OF CAPITAL BASE: Machineries and other capital enhancing means of boosting productivity are not available in most developing countries. Production methods in most of these countries are still primitive, thereby causing low welfares.

Government has great role to play in tackling these problems and put good programmes in place to boost the welfare of the people. A country where people enjoy good welfare package, vices are always at low ebb and the government could concentrate on more serious economic issues. Welfare of the people should therefore be given utmost priority if the country is to experience uninterrupted peace and progress.


The Real Meaning of Welfare