These are popular Korean, Taiwanese and Hong Kong Drama Websites

Asian drama website offer a wide array of different dramas with different stories and storylines, that you might want to be able to stream them anywhere. This fun article describes three separate websites where it will be easy for you to watch asian dramas online free.


Looking for a great place to watch Korean, Taiwanese WatchAsian and Hong Kong dramas? Check out these popular websites!

What is a Drama?

Drama is a theatrical genre that typically tells stories with romantic, emotional, and/or dramatic elements. These stories are often set in contemporary societies and often feature complex characters who must deal with difficult situations. Drama websites are a great way to learn more about the different genres and subgenres of Korean, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong dramas.

Korean dramas:
Korean dramas are the most well-known type of drama in Asia. They generally consist of 16 episodes and are broadcast on television networks across North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and South Asia. Many viewers also watch them online.
Some of the best-known Korean dramas include My Love From the Star, Descendants of The Sun, Prisoner’s Wife, You’re Beautiful and All In Your Head.

Taiwanese dramas:
Taiwanese dramas have become popular all over Asia due to their unique mix of romance, action and thriller storylines. They tend to be shorter than Korean dramas at only 10 to 12 episodes and are typically aired on TVB Pearl Network or ATV Home Media Taiwan. Some hit Taiwanese dramas include Giant (TVB), The Master’s Sun (TW Investment Limited)and In A Good Place (TS Entertainment Co., Ltd).

Hong Kong dramas:
Hong Kong drama serials date back over 150 years but gained widespread popularity in the 1980s thanks to the release of many blockbuster movies filmed in the territory including Rumble in The Bronx , Flash Gordon , Legend Of

Categories of Drama

Korean Dramas

1. SBS – The country’s largest television network and the official broadcaster of South Korean dramas.
2. MBC – Another large network and known for its high-quality productions.
3. KBS – Known for its factual programming, KBS is often considered to be the traditionalist choice when it comes to airing Korean dramas.
4. YTN – Taiwan’s premier broadcast network and largely responsible for popularizing Korean dramas in that country.
5. CTN (Cantonese TV) – Similar to MBC in terms of content, CTN also broadcasts a wide variety of Asian dramas including many Korean titles.
6. IPTV (China) – Many Chinese viewers watch Korean dramas through IPTV services, where they are illegally downloaded and then re-aired without ads or commercial interruptions.”
Taiwanese Dramas
1. CTS ( China Television Station) – Taiwan’s national broadcaster and a source of many popular Taiwanese dramas which are then aired on various other channels around the world.”
2. EBS ( EastBroadcasting Satellite TV ) – Mainly airing Chinese adaptations of Taiwanese dramas but with some original productions as well: “iPad users can download shows ranging from new releases to classics that have been newly restored and remastered for high definition quality.”
Hong Kong Dramas

1.. Enjoy Hong Kong Television Network LIMITED – eHktv is a free terrestrial channel which airs

Top 10 Best Romantic Dramas (in no particular order)

1. She Was Pretty
2. Boys Over Flowers
3. Love in the Moonlight
4. The Heirs
5. I Dream of Wife
6. Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People
7. Empresses of China
8. My SunshineSonny
9. It’s Okay, That’s Love
10. Heartstrings

Beginner Recommendations

If you’re looking for some great dramas to watch, try these three websites:

Korean drama website Hallyu Wave: This site has a lot of new dramas airing regularly, as well as back-to-back episodes of some older dramas. It’s also great for finding old favorites.

Taiwan drama website DramaFever: This site has a good selection of new and old dramas. You can also find trailers and clips for the latest shows.

Hong Kong drama website HKDramaDB: This site is mostly dedicated to HK productions, but it does have a section devoted to Korean shows. You can also find user ratings and reviews for each show.

100 Popular Korean and Taiwanese Dramas

Hallyu (Korean wave) is a phenomenon that started in the early 2000s in South Korea and has since evolved into a worldwide movement. It refers to the increased popularity of Korean culture, music, and film around the world. dramas are often at the center of Hallyu, with many fans following individual dramas throughout their entirety (or committing them to memory).

Below are 100 of the most popular Korean, Taiwanese and Hong Kong dramas on various streaming platforms. Keep in mind that this is just a partial list; there are dozens more dramas that could easily make this list!

Best Classic Chinese Dramas (in no particular order)

There is no doubt that classic Chinese dramas are some of the most popular TV shows in the world. If you’re a fan of old school Chinese soap operas or Historical Dramas, then here are three great websites to explore:

1. DramaFever: This website features a seemingly endless list of classic Chinese dramas, with new episodes added every day. You can search by title, genre or actor.

2. KooBox: This website is designed for Korean fans of Chinese dramas, and it also has a nifty feature where you can watch episodes one after the other without having to wait for the next one to load.
2. DramaCool: This website is geared towards Taiwanese viewers and presents a selection of both Taiwanese and mainland Chinese dramas in English with subtitles.
3. MyDramaList: This website offers a more personalised experience, letting you add shows you’ve watched (and loved) to your “watchlist” so that you can easily access them again later on.