Polycarbonate greenhouse:

Some say that polycarbonate greenhouse is the perfect material for covering greenhouses; Polycarbonate twin walls maintain heat, spread sunlight and reduce the risk of crushed plants, and come in different thickness to reduce heat loss during lower night temperatures.

One of the biggest things about polycarbonate polylocation is that it is very strong – until the polycarbonate greenhouse appears in the picture, glass damage is the danger of the main safety and extraordinary costs, and hassle for hobby greenhouse farmers.


Polycarbonate is arguably the most sophisticated insulation panel developed for use in greenhouses. This is especially so now most commercial 拡散板 アクリル polycarbonates are sold with UV protective coatings to slow down the details of the panel. Believe it or not it is the most destructive sunlight.

Polycarbonate Twin Wall is quite standard in the industry; However, the Triple Wall Polycarbonate sheet is also available. These sheets are thicker and offer better isolation. Go with thicker sheets, and more walls (like three walls), meaning that what you get in isolation you lost in its ability to transfer the biggest light.

Is superior to the glass? (But not clear view):

This glazing is UV treated, stronger and more resistant to impact than other glass materials. Another advantage of Polycarbonate is its long life.

One of the biggest advantages of polycarbonate is the power of its impact; This is 200 times stronger than glass and will not be destroyed.

It can hardly be solved, this panel provides an effective isolation without making hot spots experienced with glass glass and protected by UV layers to prevent color changes.

Polycarbonate sheets are also much lighter than glass. Often when building a greenhouse made of glass, you may need the help of experience builders, because the glass is very heavy and dangerous if it is destroyed. Polycarbonate sheets weigh only a quarter of heavy greenhouse glass glass.

Polycarbonate greenhouse:

Always make sure that the greenhouse cover or the glass you choose is UV protected to ensure that it lasts the longest you can.

Polycarbonate panels can withstand extensive temperature ranges, making material ideal for most of the environment.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse has been shown to hold back rain storms, thick snow and rocks among other elements that will usually endanger greenhouses.

Use Greenhouse Polycarbonate to cover the greenhouse