What Are The Differences Between Custom Home Builders And General Contractors?


Home building is the assembling together of different parts to make a single dwelling, usually called a ‘house’ when considering the vast number of people who may in the future or now live there. The word ‘house’ itself derives from Latin, meaning ‘a dwelling.’ Traditionally, it was thought to be an independent building with a firm, permanent foundation. However, in modern times, many ‘house’ developments are mixed with residential homes, either directly by necessity or by design.

A home builder is a person who undertakes the task of putting together a plan and arranging the various parts of a home. Many different types of home builders exist. Some specialise in residential buildings only, some will build garden buildings, townhouses and others may even supply the building materials needed for domestic construction. Home builders may work in close association with real estate agents, lending an important sounding role to the housing industry as a whole.

In modern times the term home builder is no longer restricted to just the construction industry. Modern home builders can be seen in the fields of landscaping, home furnishing and even electrical work. A lot of landscapers specialise in creating gardens which are appealing both to the eye and are able to replicate aspects of real rural properties such as the flowing streams and lawns. Other landscapers create parks, while other specialists may even provide specialist building materials for the building of new dwellings. These home builders can provide all sorts of services to the housing industry.

It is not easy to classify the home building industry into separate strands. While the housing industry is indeed a major player in the economy, it does not encompass the home builders in the same way as it did in years gone by. Today’s home builders tend to be classified according to their area of expertise, for example those specialists who build council houses and those who construct private homes. The latter tend to specialize in constructing residential properties within urban areas and cater to a specific niche of the market. Their expertise is further subdivided according to the type of property they undertake, for example high-rise tower or villa block.

In recent years the term custom home builders have begun to appear more frequently in relation to those who build homes for buyers and others who are in the sales business. A custom home builder can tailor their services to suit the needs of the buyer and this is where the term ‘custom home builder’ comes into play. These companies are specialists at building homes that are bespoke according to the buyer’s wishes. For instance, some people may want a garden that complements their home, so the company will build a garden on site. Other customers may want a home with a swimming pool, which is easily facilitated by a builder who knows how to design and fit a pool in a space that can accommodate it.

Another area of specialization is floor plan designs. Floor plans are typically designed for standard square rooms. However, spec home builders can come up with floor plans that are specific to a home’s location and use of the land. These companies often work in tandem with architects. Some examples of spec home builders include Wallingford Builders (WBD), whom the BBC profiled in an episode of their 60 Minutes programme. WBD specialise in creating custom floor plans for buyers and others who may wish to commission one of their own design homes.

Of course, not everyone who wants to construct a custom home wants to use WBD. Some builders specialize in creating homes according to a buyer’s specific wishes such as a farmhouse or country estate. Others will create a home for people who do not live close to anyone, or who have a specific reason for wanting a farmhouse on a small plot of land. Whatever the case, there are a number of builders around the UK who can provide services tailored to suit a specific need, as detailed in the resource box below. Some examples of these companies include Baukste Properties, estate agents Parkside Properties, and Caputo and Associates.

Some people want a house that is unique to them, which is why people choose specialists in custom home building. Others simply prefer a certain style or something different from all the other available houses in their neighbourhood. Regardless of what a buyer’s personal tastes are, most builders will be able to advise him or her of options. A new home can be a very big commitment, and choosing a home that is bespoke or specifically designed to suit the requirements of a specific buyer should be a top priority.


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