What are the types of interest rates applicable on loans?

Interest rate is the final amount a lender asks the borrower to pay and is a percentage of the principal—the amount borrowed. The interest rate on a loan is commonly remarked on an annual basis known as the annual percentage rate (APR).

An interest rate can furthermore apply to the quantity achieved at a bank or credit federation from a conservations account or certificate of deposit (CD). Annual percentage yield (APY) which refers to the interest attained on these sediment invoices. There are many  Best money lender in toa payoh which one should consider.

Further we will discuss the different types of interest which are charges on various loans according to their credit scores, employment status and EMI duration.

Fixed interest rate

A fixed interest rate is as precisely as it expresses an explicit, fixed interest bound to a loan or a line of credit that must have to be repaid, along with the principal amount. A fixed rate is the most ordinary structure of interest for clients, as they are manageable to estimate, easy to apprehend, and  – both the borrower and the lender understand exactly what curiosity rate responsibilities are tied to a loan or credit invoice.

Variable Interest rate

Interest rates can change or more so fluctuate according to the loan amount, and that’s what exactly happen with variable interest velocities. Variable interest is mostly tied to the ongoing activity of base curiosity rates (like the so-called “excellent interest rate” that lenders use to set their interest rates.) client can benefit if a loan is set up manipulating variable rates, and the prime interest rate decreases

Annual Percentage rate

The annual percentage rate is the portion of your entire interest expressed perennial on the total expenditure of the loan. Credit card firms often use APR to set interest rates when clients agree to carry a  proportion on their credit card account.


Interest rates change accordingly, but what should be taken into consideration is that The decision of loan should be accepted after you contemplate what all you need to organize in declaration to take the loan. There are numerous services delivered by banks and money lenders that help clients apply for a loan. Remark that the final conclusion of taking a loan should comprise your consent. Nevertheless, sign off any documents without looking over them correctly. And also recheck it twice.