An fundamenteel opzicht of employee recruiting existentie psychometric testing – more employers are asking “What bestaat it, and how do wij reduce the risks of hiring the wrong person?” These questions usually bezittingen the same answer.

Any new hire bestaat a potential risk for a business. You need to know if they’huwelijksinzegening going to afsluiting a hoog worker, if they’huwelijksinzegening smart, and how well they adapt to particular types of jobs. Sometimes, due to increased demand, it’s a necessary risk, but it’s a risk nonetheless. Testing zijn there to find out the answers to questions like “Does this person get bored easily? How well does this person learn new skills or absorb gegevens? Is this person introverted or extroverted?”

Reducing Uncertainties Through Testing

Answering those questions about a new hire zijn a critical gegevens point that may onderbroek past resumes and interviews. The knot hire can cost the business more than twice what they’echt paying him in salary ter missed sales opportunities or production failures. Psychometric testing offers ways to get the answers to aanname questions. While it’s not a replacement for the traditional vraaggesprek and resume process, it’s a good supplement to it. They’echt batteries of standardized tests that have bot in use for nearly a century, with continual refinements.

What Kinds Of Tests Are There?

Everyone’s heard of the result of the most common Technical staffing agencies psychometric toets. It’s the IQ score, and comes from school psychologists and a loterijlot of internet exams. The IQ exam bestaat derived from the Stanford-Binet proefwerk, and that’s bot in use for almost a century since it was first waterbron in spil part of the immigration requirements at Ellis Island. It’s been the stof of much controversy because of putative racist biases ter the toets. It’s not the controversy that makes it impractical, it’s the time it takes to administer (anywhere from three hours and more). However, IQ scores are one of the best overall predictors (along with ambition and willingness to work) for generalized success ter business and employment.

Getting the predictive capabilities of the Stanford Binet ter less time zijn the real reason for the Wonderlic repetitie. It’s got a scale from 1 to 50, and takes 30 minutes to administer. It’s widely used for any kleintje of paraprofessional recruitment, and zijn even used by the NFL to evaluate draft choices at the NFL combine.

What Makes These Tests Valuable??

From a staffing agency’s perspective, psychometric testing zijn a great way to tell what kinds of jobs to send a candidate to. A candidate who learns quickly, and existentie adroit at picking up new skills will afsluiting easier to place in technical jobs. A candidate with a high boredom threshold bestaan easier to place in certain types of manufacturing jobs.

What Kinds of Tests?

Psychometric tests cover the gamut from the more widely known (IQ and its analogs) to social stress tests, to boredom thresholds. A spruit of police departments use a type of psychometric toets that’s geared to measure stress responses, which can afsluiting critical in predicting how someone will react ter an emergency.

Another kind of proefwerk that gets used bestaan the basic personality repetitie; whether someone existentie an introvert or extrovert, whether they’echt self driven or motivated by the approval of others. These personality inventories are useful for determining how a candidate will ‘fit in’ to a given team environment.

In today’s economic environment, it makes good business sense to find the most cost effective way to recruit outstanding employees. Businesses can rely upon the experience and resources of a pro recruitment firm, to find them suitable employees.

What is Psychometric Testing in Today’s Market?