It is no doubt that plumbing tools used by plumbers for performing services like cleaning drains are distinct from tools in your toolbox. Some of the tools might be easily identifiable. Some, on the contrary side, may be something you’ve not encountered before. Since some tools used by plumbers have different purposes than the tools used by homeowners which are used for minor repairs, they’re specifically designed for the tasks they’re made to perform. If you’re considering doing yourself plumbing or simply curious about the tools that plumbers use, the information below will provide you with the tools a plumber could employ when workingToronto plumbers.

Tools You Might be Familiar With

A few of the tools plumbers might have to utilize include tools that you’ve seen millions of times before, even though their uses could be slightly different.

Adjustable Wrenches

Adjustable wrenches are able to be closed or opened to accommodate a variety of sizes of bolts and nuts. There are various dimensions of wrenches that can be adjusted however, plumbers should possess at minimum a standard 10″ to 12″ adjustable wrench.

Pipe Wrenches

Because so much plumbing is done within pipes and within pipes, this device is essential for plumbers. Pipe wrenches utilize their jaws that are adjustable and toothed to turn and grip threaded pipes as well as pipe fittings. Pipe wrenches vary in size between twelve” wrenches to 18″ wrenches. Plumbers are likely to require at minimum a couple different sizes of the tool.

Rib-joint Pliers

Another tool that can be adjusted that can be very helpful in turning bolts, nuts and pipes, as well as fittings. It can also be used to grasp objects of various sizes with firmness.

Locking Pliers

The tool is employed by plumbers to carry out clamping actions. They typically serve to lock the bolt or pipe into position while the plumber works on other parts.


Screwdrivers are used by plumbers in many similar ways as you may use them around your home. They typically require at the very least two different sizes of screwdrivers to perform tasks such as taking plumbing-related appliances out or disassembling faucets to change washers.

Measuring Tape

Plumbers are often required to measure the lengths of pipe and distances between various plumbing parts.

Tools That You Might Not Have Used Before

Pipe Cutters

Pipe cutters are an indispensable instrument that any plumber must possess. However, it’s not a requirement that every plumber needs to utilize this tool on every task, but it is employed with some frequency.

Drain Augers

There are times when plumbers use the term “snake.” A drain auger is a part of this category, and is an instrument designed to clear obstructions that aren’t pushed through with plungers. The device is comprised of a metal wire coiled with a space between the coils at one end. On the other side is the device that has an engine that turns the wire as it goes downwards into the drain or pipe.

Toilet Augers

This kind of auger, sometimes referred to”closet auger, “closet auger” is based on the same principle that a drain auger does however it is specifically designed to work for toilets that are clogged.

Hydraulic Blow Bags

Toilet and Sink Plungers

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What Kind of Tools Should a Plumber Use on the Job?