Have you ever wondered why certain strategies used by lottery players are more effective than other players?

I’m sure I’ve had. I contemplate it constantly and I’ve come to this conclusion. It has been an honor to work with lottery players all over the globe for more than 25 years and their creativity and ingenuity always amazed me. They’re usually very smart and knowledgeable. Yet, even to today, I am constantly asking this same thing.

What makes certain lotto players better than other lottery players?

It’s likely that the lottery player’s intellect is an essential element, but it’s not the entire picture. It could be the software they employ, however that’s not the only thing. Their time spend and the dedication they show isn’t neither. It’s not their imagination or inventiveness. You’d think there must be some common thread connecting the achievements of the top players. There must be a common trait they have in common or the method they apply. You would be right. There is.Live Draw SGP

Lottery System for Lotto Part 1.

This is the only regular theme that is recurrent when talking about the lottery players who have the highest success. They use a lottery system when taking part in the lotto. They maintain excellent record of their games. That’s right. It is a habit to write everything down. It’s not too difficult and isn’t very time-consuming. It’s easy to note down what the different elements in their strategy for winning will be for the drawing to follow. They write down the decisions they made and the reason for it. This can be all done in one simple paragraph. It’s simple, quick and simple. However, this is just one aspect of the solution.

Lottery System for Lotto Part 2.

As a child my mom taught me that meals didn’t end when the food was finished. A wise woman. While I don’t believe I was able to give her credit at that time, in later years, I began to respect her advice. We all can benefit from this wisdom in everything we do.

One of the most effective lottery planners have parents like mine as they are aware that the game doesn’t end just because the lottery numbers have been drawn. It’s time to clean up the kitchen. There’s still a lot to complete.

The serious player, the one who is a successful lottery player will assess the outcomes by asking several questions. What did he do with the lottery strategy that was successful? What didn’t? Why? If he could repeat Would he make any changes or keep it the same? For the majority of professionals You will recognize this method of analysis under its name, which is more well-known; Closing the Loop.


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