Digital photo frames are a kind of picture frame that allows you to view electronic photos without the need to print them or use the computer. They come in 1.5 – 3.5 keyring to 7 to 20 inch size and has an LCD screen. Digital photo picture frames can be placed on any table top or shelf or can be simply hung on the wall. Photos can be displayed from a digital camera’s memory card. Users can even upload photos to the frame’s memory by connecting through a USB or wireless through a bluetooth technology.

One can even share photos from one frame to another. The frames even support videos and sound content with its built in speakers. Photos can be viewed in a slide show by adjusting time intervals. Many frames also come with remote controls for convenient functioning. These frames are quite affordable and are offered for sale by most consumer electronic brands like Sony, Kodak, Polaroid,Philips, etc.

They are ideal for those without a computer or internet connection. If one wishes to download photos from the internet then this is how it works.

The person who already has a computer and net connection takes the frame, sets up the account and passes it on. Once the account is set up the person then uploads photos to the Ceiva website. Whenever the person without the computer wants to view pictures from the internet, he can use the digital photo frame through the phone line to connect to the Cieva servers and download new pictures.

The settings of the electronic photo frames can be adjusted like the interval between the slide show, the time that the frame turns on and turns off and the dial up phone numbers.

It is built on the same lines as that of a personal computer. But the components are not as complex as that of a computer since they have to perform a single task only.

The role of the CPU in the electronic photo frame is to download pictures from the websites and is quite similar to the CPU used in hand held video games.

The memory is the most important part of the frame. It has ROM memory to store the operating system and Flash memory where the pictures and settings exist. Even if the unit is unplugged no data is lost and remains in the memory.



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